These study guides will assist applicants for a commercial pesticide applicator’s license in preparing for category certification examinations.  We anticipate study guides will eventually be prepared for all commercial category manuals.  However, priority will be given to developing study guides for newly revised category manuals.  Each guide will contain quizzes designed to help students evaluate their progress through the manual and their preparedness for successfully completing the certification examination.  All guides will be self-guided and interactive in nature with students able to skip chapters or topics entirely.

This study guide is designed to prepare you for the Ornamental & Turf Pest Management certification examination in Georgia (Category 24).  Questions on the actual examination are based on information presented in this course and information about Federal and Georgia pesticide laws and regulations and safe pesticide handling procedures.  The quiz questions presented at the end of each chapter will let you evaluate your understanding of the material presented and give you confidence in your ability to successfully complete the examination for your commercial license.  The course is interactive and self-guided; you may skip sections or entire chapters if you so choose.  However, remember that examination questions come from each and every chapter so it behooves you to review material on all the topics even if you consider yourself an expert on a particular topic.