This study guide covers chapters 5 through 7 (hazards and first aid, personal protective equipment, and pesticides in the environment) of the National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual Second Edition.  It is designed to prepare you for the Core Pesticide Safety exam (formerly the General Standards exam) for commercial applicators.  The course is interactive and self-guided; you may skip sections of each chapter or entire chapters if you so choose.

Study guide users should understand that the “Notes” section of each slide presents important additional or explanatory information.  If you decide not to read the “Notes”, you likely will not be able to pass the quizzes that each chapter contains. Quizzes are designed to help you evaluate your understanding of the topic.  To get the greatest value from these study guides, quizzes should be reviewed for the correct answer.  To further assist you in feeling confident that you can pass the category manual exam, you can either use the “Retry Quiz” button on the results slide or reenter a chapter and check the box in front of “Start a new attempt.”  By using the latter method, you can review any material you didn’t quite understand the first time.  Each time you retry a quiz or restart a chapter using “Start a new attempt,” you will get a somewhat different set of questions.  Each quiz is drawn randomly from a pool of questions related to that chapter.  Some questions will remain the same from one quiz to the next, but others will be completely new from what you tried to answer on the previous quiz.